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    I believe this happened at the last update to Anytune Pro HD, but am not 100% certain of that.  But recently, Anytune Pro HD has stopped being able to launch.  I see the startup screen and it crashes.  Close all apps and try again, it crashes.  Shutdown the iPad and restart – it crashes.  I wondered if I had hit a maximum number of songs that I could have on my iPad (version 1, 64GB) with Anytune.  But the regular (free) version of Anytune does not crash.  Perhaps that’s a smaller app and consumes less memory itself?  Or do I need to uninstall & reinstall Anytune Pro HD?

    Has anybody else reported this same behavior recently?  It’s only been this way for about a week or less.  But I miss it terribly since I depend on it to learn songs for both my bands.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hello, I responded privately to your email support request. Please post here again if you did not receive my response.

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