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  • Tony Wacheski
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    Anytune (Mac) 1.0.3 will not display songs that are in your iTunes library on your Mac, but haven’t been downloaded.

    Anytune (Mac) 1.1 or higher will correctly display the songs in the lists, and will detect that the track has not been downloaded and will prompt you to download the track

    This can happen if you have iTunes Match turned on in iTunes on your Mac, and you have deleted the song file from your computer. When playing it back with iTunes, it is no problem because it can simply stream the song for you. Anytune, on the other hand needs the file to be present on your computer to play it back.

    To get those songs to appear in Anytune, and to be able to play them back:

    1. Go into iTunes
    2. Find the song(s) in question and select them
    3. Right-click, and select “Download.”

    Once the songs have been downloaded, Anytune should show them and allow them to be imported.

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    I just joined the Apple streaming service for my Macbook Pro. I downloaded the songs to my Library and into a playlist. Anytune recognizes the playlist and the songs but says “The song is missing. Please re-import it.” I have tried to re-download with the same result. Is there a work around to access these files?

    Any thoughts/assistance is appreciated.


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    Anytune can play MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG4, AAC (M4A) files and audio from common video formats. The song files must be downloaded to your device and not DRM “protected”.

    Songs rented through an Apple Music (Spotify, …) subscriptions are protected and cannot be played.

    Songs ripped from a CD or purchased through iTunes, Amazon, Google, … are not protected and can be played.

    Purchased or matched songs downloaded from your iCloud Music Library can be played.

    You will need a non-Protected song to play it ins Anytune

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