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    Hi there. I was recently trying to import songs onto my anytune app using the Wifi method, where I go to the “Listening On” URL and import my songs through there. It was working as of a few weeks ago, but yesterday and today when I try to open it a message pops up saying the URL is currently unavailable. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there anyway I can fix this?

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    A couple of things – make sure that your iOS device is on the same WIFI network as your computer. If you have multiple networks (like a guest network, for example) make sure they are both connected to the same one.

    If you have a phone or cellular enabled iPad, you might try putting it into airplane mode, and then toggling WIFI on to make sure there is nothing odd going on between the cellular network and the WIFI network.

    Then close the WIFI import screen in Anytune and open it again. Double check the URL again, as it can and will change depending upon what ports are available and what IP address your device was assigned.

    Hope that helps!


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