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    I am a very long time Anytune user. Today I downloaded Anytune (return of classic skin) to my iPhone (ios 13.1.3). I see the “All tunes”, “Marked Tunes” screen. All Tunes is empty, as well as Marked tunes. I then push “Songs”. Four songs from U” come up, plus two songs I knew I had in my Anytune library.I have never listened to or downloaded any U2 stuff in my life. Where did they come from? I push “Playlists”, and there I see 14 of my playlists, but on clicking on any of them, I get a blank screen. I click on Artists and get three album titles, one of which is U2. I Click on “Albums”And get two Karaoke Albums. For each of there one song (familiar) came up, but also all songs from “Songs of innocence” – U2.

    Fortunately I have all my Anytune Songs and playlists on my iPad (2) as well, and there everything is OK. I have Anytune 2.2.0 on my iMac. This iMac runs Mojave, and I cannot update to Catalina until the application Smartscore comes in 64-bit some time early 2020. Unfortunately I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 13. After that, my iMac rejects the iPhone and will not reconnect until I upgrade to Catalina. With a calamitous Anytune on my iPhone, I would have been afraid to connect anyway.

    You probably cannot direct me to bring Anytune on my iPhone in order (since I can’t connect to the iMac). but what on earth can have happened?

    I am a singer and use Anytune for running backing tracks to my songs.

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    All Tunes contains the records of all the songs that you have played in Anytune including marks, settings, … and pointers to the audio files.

    Anytune plays songs directly from your music library OR audio files that have been explicitly imported into Anytune like Recordings.

    If you downloaded a new version of Anytune into your Phone it would be empty, no songs in All Tunes. Ensure the songs are in your Music Library on your iPhone my finding them in Downloaded Songs in the Music App.

    See Songs are missing on iPhone.

    You can Restore the records from iCloud if the songs are downloaded to your device.

    1. Tap Cloud (Tap menu.svg to reveal share on iPhone).
    2. Choose the desired backup file.
    3. Tap Restore All Above OR Select the desired song and tap Restore.

    See Sharing and syncing song data

    A couple years ago Apple added a U2 Album to everyone’s Purchased Songs for free. Even if you didn’t want it.

    Please or in Anytune: Tap help and “Email support” and we will help get this sorted.

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