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    Good day,
    I purchased Anytune Pro for mac in Dec 2014, and just started trying to work with it a couple of days ago.
    I can import songs into the program but cannot get them to play (load or anything). Sometimes when I randomly click on buttons trying to get it to work, the program flashes very quickly between the start page and the song playing page. If I keep pressing the button for seeing the song scrolling (top right, first of three buttons), it will sometimes actually play the cued song -but after I am done with that song I can’t advance to a different song.
    This is very frustrating, since it is such a cool tool for learning/teaching

    I have the Anytune Pro for my iPhone and that works fine, but I really need it more for the Mac (you see, I am getting old and working on the iPhone is often times difficult due to failing eyesight and shaky fingers – LOL – I am 52 and it is a lot easier working with the Mac). I am also out 30 bucks, so far-haha
    Please help if you can. Thanks very much for your time and attention.
    Charlie Siefert

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    Hi Charles,

    I am sorry to hear you are having problems with Anytune for Mac.

    Anytune for Mac operates much like Anytune for iOS, but there are some differences. Anytune Mac will ask permission to access your iTune library on your Mac and then present the songs in the library in Songs, Playlists, Artists and Album categories. You can also import files song files from your drives directly into Anytune.

    Have a look at the Tutorial Video in Menu / Help / Quick Start Video to see the basic operation.

    Click the button with the music note on the top left to reveal the iTunes categories, The All and Marked Tunes lists, and Folders and Playlists you can create. Double click a song to load it and click Play. The three buttons top left toggle between the Wave, EQ ad Lyrics views.

    If you are still having problems send support email Help / Email Support and we will help you work through it.

    Tony - Music practice perfected

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