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    Hello I wanted to work with a song that I have on itunes and I just do not accept anytune, so where do I have to import my songs to be accepted by anytune?

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    Anytune can play MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG4, AAC (M4A) files and audio from common video formats. The song files must be downloaded to your device and not DRM “protected”.

    Songs rented through an Apple Music (Spotify, …) subscriptions are protected and cannot be played.

    Songs ripped from a CD or purchased through iTunes, Amazon, Google, … are not protected and can be played.

    Purchased or matched songs downloaded from your iCloud Music Library can be played.

    Anytune plays songs directly from your device’s Music Library through the Songs, Playlists, Artists and Albums tabs. All Tunes contains all the songs Anytune has played and is remembering settings, marks, … for.

    If Show All Music Show All Music is disabled you will only see songs that are available to Anytune. Enable this and see songs that need to be downloaded as well.

    Songs must be in your Music Library to be displayed in Anytune and must be synced or downloaded to play. Anytune will try to tell you why it cannot play a song.

    You can also import songs directly into Anytune Pro+ or Anytune Free through Dropbox, Email, Open-In or Wi-Fi. with the Import Pack.

    Let us know what the response is hen you try to play the song.

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    I have a similar problem. I recently brought a new iPhone. I downloaded a backup from ICloud. Since then 25% of the songs is now protected and can not be imported in to Anytune. I have brought all the songs and I never had problems with the songs before. I have tried to buy the same songs again… and then it works. Apple support tells me that there might be an upgrade issue with Anytune.

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    Anytune will re-import songs from iTunes, so these songs must be on the new device before starting Anytune.

    Sync your new device with all the music you had on your old device before starting Anytune on your new device. Anytune does not save songs that are available in your device’s music library. This avoids duplicating the song and taking up more space on your device.

    Apple has process to “Transfer content from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device”

    Basically you will:

    1. Update Anytune to the latest version
    2. Backup your old device to iCloud or iTunes (make sure to transfer purchases including Anytune)
    3. Set up your new device – restoring from your backup (when asked)
    4. Sync your new device to iTunes (including all songs used in Anytune)
      Start Anytune

    The backup/restore process will move all your Anytune settings and all of the songs imported from sources other than iTunes (i.e. Dropbox, WIFI, and Open-In) to the new device.

    You can check the if a song file is protected in iTunes.
    Open iTunes on your PC/Mac and open Library
    Right-Click > Song Info > Files and look for the kind: field.
    If there kind: includes “Apple Music” or “Protected” Anytune is not allowed to play the song.
    If you are using the iCloud Music Library can you please
    Open iTunes on your PC/Mac and open Library
    Right-Click on the table title bar and add iCloud Status and iCloud Download headings

    Once the song is download to your device you cannot determine if it is protected by looking.

    You could also try re-downloading the song to your device, and hopefully getting a non Protected version.
    If you are using the iCloud Music Library: Open the Apple Music app and “Download” the song.
    Try Remove Download and re-download with “Download”, then restart Anytune.

    If you Sync with iTunes: Sync the missing song to your device with iTunes using USB or WiFi.
    If the song is downloaded and still not displayed in Anytune:
    restart Anytune,
    reatart your device
    re-sync to iTunes,
    un-sync all songs and re-sync to iTunes. Sometimes then system doesn’t tell us a song has been added to your library.
    Please let us know if any of this helps.

    With Anytune Pro+ or the Import you can import song files directly into Anytune through Open-In, Email, Wifi or Drobox.
    Use iTunes.
    In iTunes Right-Click on the song and select Show In Finder to find the song file.
    If you do not see a Show in Finder option the file is not on your PC/Mac.
    You can Right-Click on the song in file itself and choose Get Info to see the Kind:
    If it says Protected Anytune cannot play it.
    Songs now purchased from iTunes are not DRM protected. Older purchased songs may be protected. You might be able to download DRM-free versions of songs originally purchased with DRM protection. See “About iTunes Plus”.

    Using the iCloud Music Library may cause songs on your device to be overwritten with DRM versions making them unplayable on Anytune, even songs that you own and were previously playable.The fix, if you are using Apple Music and a song you own is not playable in Anytune is to disable the iCloud Music Library and re-sync your device with iTunes, to retrieve the non protected version of the file. Note: The file must still exist on your PC/Mac.
    Ensure the non-protected file is physically in your music library on your PC/Mac.
    Disable iTunes Music Library in iTunes and on your device.
    Computer: iTunes > Preferences > General > iCloud Music Library = [uncheck]
    Device: Settings > Music > iCloud Music Library = [ switch off]
    Sync your songs to your device. This will download the non-protected version to your device
    Re-enable iTunes Music Library on iTunes and your device.

    Please see for more information and gory details.

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