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  • Tony Wacheski
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    If you’re looking for some more information about what Audiobus is and what it can do, head on over to the Audiobus website:

    There is a great overview article on Macworld here:
    You can also check out our tutorial video on Youtube:
    If you have any questions about Audiobus, ask them here.
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    I wonder why you can’t use anytune as an output device. I would like to record chords from sessionband piano to then speed them up a bit….

    Tony Wacheski
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    We have not had a chance to implement it. It is quite a bit more complex to do the output side (especially when the app has an input side), and we’ve been busy with other things lately … like building Anytune Mac.
    However, it is possible to do what you want by taking advantage of another inexpensive app. Grab a copy of an app like AudioShare … then you can record audio from Audiobus into AudioShare. Once you’ve recorded it, you can then use AudioShare to Open-In to Anytune and you’re good to go.
    We understand that this is an extra step, and requires another app but it is quite straightforward.
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