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    I have successfully set up a shared network using my home wi-fi so that if I choose music on my iPad I can access my shared iTunes library stored on my iMac.

    Is there any way that I can similarly access this music from Anytune on my iPad and then import tracks to manipulate
    I particularly want to do something to enable this as I use my iPad for guitar practice in a different room from my iMac and need to slow down tunes whilst learning
    Hope this makes sense but I am not very technical 🙂
    Tony Wacheski
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    Hi David,

    Unfortunately home sharing is not something that Apple exposes to thirdparty apps on the iPhone or iPad. So you can see and play the shared songs using the Music app, but Anytune does not have a way to see the songs from the share.
    You have a couple of choices.
    You can sync the tracks you want to play with Anytune using iTunes to your iPad. That is probably the easiest, since it is straightforward to sync to your iPad, and Anytune provides ‘transparent’ import of songs when they are in the music library on your iPad.
    If you subscribe to iTunes Match, then Apple will effectively allow you access to your entire music library on your iPad without requiring a sync via iTunes. With iTunes Match, you will need to go into the Music app and specifically download the tracks you want to play before Anytune can see them. Again, this is an Apple limitation – third party apps cannot initiate a download of a song from iTunes Match.
    There are other options like Dropbox that could also work, but you would need to put the song files into Dropbox first. I think iTunes sync would be preferable to that; especially if you have a large library.
    Hope that helps!
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    Many thanks Sean

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