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    I’m just curious as to why they’re hidden… I’d like to know where they are so I can decide whether I want to keep the songs stored locally or on a separate drive… it’d be nice to be able to see how much drive space they’re taking, etc.


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    You can set up Anytune to play songs from their original location in your iTunes or anywhere so they are not duplicated. It was just to keep things simple for the app. We save information about each song and need to match that to the song file.

    Anytune plays songs directly from your iTunes library. You can also import songs into Anytune in the following ways:

    • Anytune > File > Add to Anytune…
    • Right-Click on a music file and select Open with Anytune, or
    • Drag song files from a folder or directly from iTunes onto a Playlist in Anytune.

    Use Anytune > Preferences > Advanced to adjust the import behaviour. Select whether to play imported songs from the original location, or to copy the file into Anytune so the song will still be available if removed from the original location.

    Songs stored internal to Anytune and are not directly accessible.
    Right-click > Get Info on a song in a list or the Title to reveal the location.
    If the song is outside Anytune you will see path and a [Show in Finder] button, and a [Export Original Song…] button if it is stored internally.

    If you want to find them they are $YOUR_HOME/Library/Containers/com.anystonetech.Anytune-Mac/Data/Library/Private Documents.

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    Cool… thanks for the info!

    I learn many, many songs for the $$$cover$$$ band I am in, and most of those are never added to my personal collection since I don’t actually like to listen to a lot of the music I play in that particular band… so linking Anytune to my iTunes library doesn’t make much sense for me.

    I’ll probably keep a special folder that is easily accessible that is dedicated to my Anytune app… I think that would work best for me.

    Anyway, huge fan and longtime user of the app… looking forward to transitioning to my Macbook Pro.

    Thanks again!

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