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  • Henry Arizona
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    If I import different mixes of the exact same song, I’d like to transfer the audio marks I made in one version to another. Is there a way to do this?

    If not, this would be a useful feature to me and I imagine a handful of others. ūüôā


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    Hi Henry,

    Yes, we agree this is a useful feature. It is on our list and we did start some work on it.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way for you to do this currently. 

    We do want to provide this capability in a future release. I have added your vote to this feature request. 

    You can save your song settings to a file.atcfg and share across your devices. However the settings are matched to the song with the same Title, Artist, Album and Unique ID. ¬† This makes it easy to move settings for one so from one device to another but difficult to apply those settings to a song that doesn’t match the original song’s meta data. ¬†¬†

    You can edit the contents of the atcfg file to force it to match a different song, but this requires editing a JSON text file. You would need to:

    1. Sharing > Share Song Settings and Marks  (For the song with the marks) to create the: Song.atcfg file.
    2. Edit this file:
      Delete lines: 
      "persistentID" : 2541063118683000719,
      "persistentIDAsString" : "2541063118683000719",
      Modify the following lines data to match the other song: 
      "artist" : "Anytune", 
      "title" : "OtherSong", 
      "albumTitle" : "Anytune's Greatest Hits"
    3. Rename Song.atcfg for good measure > Song2.atcfg

    5. Now import Song2.atcfg into Anytune like it was a song.

      When restoring song files will display Imported, Importable or Not Found. If Not Found you will need to sync that song to your music library or import it into Anytune before restoring the data. In this case, if the file is Not Found the meta data editing doesn’t match.

      From File
      1. Import the File Song2.atcfg as you would a song.
      2. Open-In, Dropbox, Email, … ¬†the file will be paced in the Cloud list
      From iCloud (or after importing atcfg file)
      1. Tap The Cloud
      2. Choose the file Song2.atcfg
      3. Select the desired song and Tap Restore.

      This is a low level hack work-around that requires file editing, but it does work. 

      We do plan to officially support what you are asking. I cannot tell you when this feature may be available at this time. 

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