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    Hi there,

    Firstly excuse this potentially stupid question, but I’ve been using anytune for a few months now and it’s fantastic, but for some reason about a month ago hitting space would start playing the track from the start, no matter where I am in the song. It always goes back to the red triangle at the start. It’s not the end of the world, but it means I have to press play, and then move to the right marker.

    I understand you can move the red triangle, but it’s obviously at the beginning by default. I’m certain this didn’t happen before – is it a setting I’ve inadvertently activated?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    I think you may have inadvertently turned on the Transcribe Mode. Please long-press (tap and hold) on the Play button. This should bring up the Play Button Options. At the bottom if the screen, is Transcribe Mode. It sounds like you have this turned on, but for normal use that should be off.

    Transcribe mode is very useful if you want to quickly go over a section of the song as you are transcribing, or just trying to figure out a section. Tapping play restarts from where you were, and the Next button resets the start and starts playing again.

    Here is a quick video about it for reference:

    Hope this helps…

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    Thanks a lot Jim! That’s exactly what it was! I really appreciate it!

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