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    Hi, I tried to play a song today that I have been playing (adding marks and loops etc.) for a couple of years now. Suddenly, it’s not a supported file. I go to my library, see the cloud and download it. Still, it appears but is grayed out. Another song by the same band has the same problem. Did their material suddenly become protected in some way? I can play them both in my music app but not on Anytune.

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    Songs should not become protected.

    Sorry to hear you are having problems playing songs.

    As you know the song must be on your device and must not be DRM copy-protected by going to the Apple Music app and tapping the “Download from Cloud” button. See “About iCloud Music Library icons and status” https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT203564

    1. In rare cases you may need to disable the iCloud Music Library and re-sync your device with iTunes. This is because Apple has replaced your owned file with a DRM file on your device. See FAQ.
    2. See FAQ (http://anytune.us/blog/faq-items/importing-fails-problem/#drm) to test if the file is DRMed. Determine if your file is protected.

    It is possible that Apple Music is reporting a new position to where the file is. Please try:

    • re-syncing your device to iTunes,
    • Powering your device off and then on again (press and hold the power button, then slide to power off).
    • unsync all the songs from your device and then resync

    If the song will still not play, please send us a screen shot (press home & power buttons together) of the error message , how you imported the file (iTunes sync, Dropbox, …) and if possible the song file itself.

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