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    Step up trainer is awesome. Wondering though if there is a way to leave off at certain point and save place for next practice session. So for example, there things I am working up to speed over a period of weeks. It would be cool to be able to come back to where I left off with step up trainer. Can this be done?

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    The Loop Trainer settings will be remembered for each Song. In fact all the settings are remember for each song including Tempo. The specific STEP you are on will not be saved. When you enable the Loop Trainer it will start again at the first loop, but the Loop Trainer settings are saved per song.

    If you are working on a song you could increment the tempo as you progress. The tempo is saved with the song. When you come back to practice the song you will be at the last tempo you achieved. You can toggle between default (1X) and the saved Tempo by double tapping the Tempo control.

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