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  • Elliot Sudbury
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    It would be great for Anytune to support bluetooth media remotes like the Satechi range. Volume up/ down works, but play/ pause and prev, next do not. Please can you add support for bluetooth media controllers using prev/ next/ play/ pause ?


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    Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for the question. I believe the Satechi range is sending Bluetooth Media Key (Play/Pause/next/Prev) commands to your iOS device.

    Anytune has the Remote Control Pack as an in-app purchase.
    Remote Control allows you to control Anytune through MIDI devices and BlueTooth keyboards and other Controllers like the AirTurn / PageFlip. It will allow you to map the key presses of a AirTurn (Eg Up/Down/Left/Right) to any Anytune command. A BlueTooth keyboard will allow you to use all the keyboard Shortcuts available on Anytune for Mac for the iOS App.

    Go to Settings > Remote Control. You can try i before buying it.

    Unfortunately, I believe you need to use the Media keys for your device to work. These are a bit more complicated and usually owned by iTunes unless you do some hacking.

    I have opened a case to Engineering to look into supporting the Media keys for controlling Anytune. We looked at this in the past and there were issues, but things may have changed. and I will attach your info to the case so we can let you know when we are working on the fix. I cannot tell you when that may be.

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