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    I am an Apple guy using this product with an iPhone. I have an Apple Music subscription that I use all day long so I don’t want to mess with turning off iCloud. Is there another service I can buy individual non-DRM songs through that I can load into Anytune?

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    Anytune will play songs synced into your devices music library (downloaded to your device).

    When using Apple Music if there is a song you purchased through iTunes you can tap the Download button in Apple Music to make it available to Anytune.

    If you have purchased songs through other services, ripped them from your CDs, or whatever you can add them iTunes o and sync or import them directly into Anytune using Open-In. Tap the share button from any ap that supports Open-In like Dropbox or Email and select Anytune.

    There was a problem a couple years ago where Apple would sometimes download a DRM version of a song you did own, but I have not heard of any complaints for some time.

    I don’t know of any other apps besides iTunes that can deposit music into your device’s library.

    Apple doesn’t make it easy to purchase a song when you are using Apple Music.

    I found this on

    How to open an Apple Music song in iTunes

    Open the Music app and navigate to the song you’d like to open in iTunes.

    1. Firmly press on the song to open its 3D Touch menu (or tap on the song, then tap the More (…) button).
    2. Tap Share Song.
    3. Press the Copy button.
    4. Open Safari.
    5. In the URL bar, paste the copied link and add the following text: &app=iTunes.
    6. Press Open.

    The song should display in the iTunes Store.

    Are you saying that even when you own and download the song you are having trouble playing it?

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