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  • Elaine Wilkes
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    I have an audio with two voices. Can I just make the one voice slower. It’s ok if the voice sounds a little off. Is that possible to make it slow, then normal, then slow, etc. I’m on a timeline to get this done. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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    Hi, If the voices are spoken at the same time no.

    Anytune’s ReTune feature does allow you to change the tempo at a mark, so you could put marks whenever the speaker changes and adjust the tempo. If there is a lot of changing speakers it could be very tedious.

    ReTune allows you to change audio attributes at marks. Create marks where you want to make changes and you can adjust audio values including tempo, pitch, gain, pan at each mark. This works on both iOS and Mac versions.

    Tap Songs (Top Left)
    Select Marks
    Tap the ReTune ReTunebutton to toggle ReTune ON/OFF. It will be Blue when Enabled.

    Create a mark where you want to make the tempo change.
    View the Marks List, Tap Songs, Select Marks
    Enable Retune
    Tap the Info Button of Mark 1
    Make the audio adjustments to happen when that mark is reached
    Repeat for all marks.
    Disable Retune.

    All settings are saved with the song.

    Anytune has a feature called ReFrame that allows you to isolate (solo/mute) a range of frequencies at a position on stage.

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