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    I have used and enjoyed Anytune Pro + for the last couple of years and it has worked essentially flawlessly. However, I recently purchased a new iPad and now none of the songs from my iTunes library, that were also purchased on iTunes, are working. I keep getting a DRM ‘song unsupported’ message.

    It wouldn’t let me play any of the songs that were downloaded to the iPad when I set it up from a backup iPad profile (essentially cloning my other iPad – where Anytune still works, by the way) so I connected my iPad to my computer, unsynced the whole music library and re-synced the whole music library from iTunes on my computer. This didn’t work either. I don’t use or subscribe to Apple Music so, while that’s a known issue, that isn’t the problem that’s affecting me.

    Now, when I go to add songs to Anytune, it won’t even let me access them from my music library as they appear ‘greyed out’.

    I’ve come to really enjoy Anytune but it now seems to have been rendered useless until this DRM issue is fixed.

    Thanks, in advance, for all of us that seem to be experiencing this.

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    Sorry to hear Anytune is not playing your songs.

    It sounds like you followed the procedure in “How do I transfer (restore) my song data to a NEW device?“. Good.

    And you re-synced your songs onto your new device. Great

    Greyed out songs usually mean the file is not accessible. Either it has not been downloaded to your device (which should not be the case if un-synced and re-synced), or the Song is DRMed which doesn’t seem to be the case either. Are you using the same Apple ID on your new device. DRMed songs (which are now only used for Apple Music) do related to a AppleID.

    Can you play the song from the Apple Music App? Is the download icon present?

    Please We are currently reexamining the song import/play failure scenarios to make make them more robust and provide better messages and instructions. We would like to know why you are having trouble and what we can do to avoid it.

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    Thanks for the response.

    To answer your question, directly, yes the songs are downloaded to my device and, of course, they are playable in the Apple Music app. I checked all of the obvious things.

    If I weren’t signed into the same account, I wouldn’t have been able to download my 3000+ song library (most of which were purchased through ITunes.)

    And, as I mentioned in my earlier post, Anytune works flawlessly on my other two iPads. All of them are set up identically. Hence the mystery.

    I appreciate your help in trying to resolve this.

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    BUMP! Is it possible to get some feedback or help on this topic from Anytune support?

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    That is a mystery. Something must be different on the device that is not working, but it may be difficult to determine what it is.


    If you are using the iCloud Music Library (Apple Music) Apple will replace your owned songs with copy (DRM) protected versions of the song. Anytune cannot play these songs. In this case you may need to disable the iCloud Music Library and re-sync your device with iTunes. Then merge the songs when you enabled iCloud again.

    Please see our Apple Music post.


    There is an Apple procedure for moving data to a new device.
    See our FAQ: How do I transfer (restore) my song data to a NEW device?

    Third, you could try reinstalling the iPad using above process or reinstalling Anytune.

    1. Please try deleting Anytune (Tap and hold App Icon until it jiggles and tap the X).
      This will delete any songs you recorded or imported explicitly.
    2. Unsyc all your songs through iTunes
    3. Restart the iPad
    4. Sync your songs to the iPad. Make sure they work as expected in the Apple Music App
    5. Download the ones you want to work with Anytune
    6. Download Anytune

    Make sure you allow Anytune access to your library. Should receive prompt from Anytune.

    1. Go to the Apple’s Settings app > Anytune >
      Media & Apple Music or Enable Media Library > Toggle ON
    2. Go to the Apple’s Settings app > General > Restrictions >
      Media & Apple Music or (Privacy) Media Library > Toggle ON Anytune (If restrictions are enabled)
    3. Restart Anytune

    Please if you are still having problems.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    As for the first suggestion, I don’t use Apple Music (i.e. I’m not a subscriber) so that’s definitely not it.

    Your second suggestion (restore from backup) is how this iPad was set up when purchased. That is, from a backup. So, the mystery continues.

    The third suggestion (uninstalling/reinstalling) is one that I have tried unsuccessfully.

    What has worked for the others who have had similar issues?

    Is there a phone number that I can dial for Anytune support?

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    When a song is greyed out in Anytune it means Anytune cannot access the music file. This usually means the song is not on the device, and it could mean Anytune does not have permission to see the file (DRM Protected). IOS provides us with the path too the song. IOS will not provide a path if the song is not local and Protected.

    If they are your own ripped or purchased songs and you synced them to the device they should work.

    Try removing all your songs from Anytune.

    1. Go to Songs and Tap the Tunes CategoryTunes category,
    2. Tap All TunesAll Tunes
    3. Tap Edit
    4. Tap the “Select All” (checked circle) button
    5. Tap the Trash Can.

    Now try to play the songs from the iTunes categories. Do they play now?

    Back sure they are on your device.

    Open the Apple Music App,
    choose the Library category, and make sure the songs do not have the Download button.
    Choose Downloaded Music and ensure the song is listed as downloaded.

    You can also go to the Settings App,
    Tap Music
    Choose Downloaded Music
    and find the song. If it is there try removing it from the device and downloading it again.

    Since you are seeing a DRM message that implies the song is on the device but you don’t have permission to play it. Apple Music streamed songs are DRM protected but you are not a user. Do you use iMatch?

    Is it possible the original songs were purchased from iTunes a long long time ago. Originally, iTunes purchased songs were DRM Protected songs, and these songs somehow have made it to your iPad? You would need to be logged as the same Apple ID that purchased the original songs, but they can not be played in Anytune. It is incredible that they are playing on one of your device’s but not the other?

    You can check in Song Info in iTunes > File to see the time of kind of file it is. If it is Protected it is a DRMed song.

    Email support – [email protected].

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