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    Some songs are written in 1/2 steps or even in between full and 1/2 steps. For Example, Mary Jane’s Last Dance is written between Am and Am#. Is there a way to adjust or fine tune the a songs key?
    One option down the road could be to include a Mhz option. So in this example, I would start at Am MHz, then add some values until I match the song. If I remember correctly, Early VH with DLR was recorded between F – F#.

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    Hi richb,

    With Anytune Pro+ or Anytune (free) + Pro Pack you can fine tune pitch by cents on top of by semitones, so you can both change the key and fine tune to your instrument.


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    Anytune doesn’t change the pitch by Mhz, but rather it uses semitones for the jumps by a – well – semitone, and a fine pitch control by cents. In the pitch control, tap the ♭or # to the left/right of the spinner to jump by a semitone. Spin the dial if you need to fine tune it in a small increment.

    Anytune will remember the setting, so you can set this up once and it will be there for you next time.

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