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    First off just let me say how much this app has revolutionised my practice and learning! It’s truly amazing and thank you so much!!!

    That being said, I’ve lost hours of work because of an odd bunching issue.

    When I opened the app a few days ago half of my bookmarks on all of my tracks were all bunched into a single bookmark and I can’t get them to go back to their original position. So a bookmark position number will go from something like from 11 to 19. When I skip forward to tracks 12-19 they’re all in the exact same position. Is this a glitch with the latest version? I update my iPhone software but it didn’t fix the problem and. Ere doesn’t seem to be a new version of anytune to download.

    As you can imagine this is very frustrating as I can’t practice effectively on any of my tracks that I spent long hours setting up with loops & bookmarks.

    I was super excited about this app because it made huge improvements to my productivity and learning, I even was able to delete some other apps that had become obsolete because of anytune.

    Please let me know how to fix this.



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