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  • Richard Blythe
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    First, I love the Anytune app!! This has been the perfect tool for my small band to have backing tracks. I need remote functionality to control Anytune because I’m playing guitar and singing. I have bought the AirTurn DUO for the needed simplicity of two pedals vs four.

    I want to map the left pedal to select Marker 5 and the right pedal to select Marker 9. I’ve arranged all of my Anytune markers to where the last Verse is always Marker 5 and the last Chorus is always Marker 9.

    But the select Marker “X” function is not working with the DUO! I know that it’s supposed to work because I had a BlueBoard that allowed me to select Marker “X” but I didn’t like the latching mode and I also don’t want four pedals on stage.

    Why does this work with Blueboard and not the DUO? Is this a bug in Anytune?

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    Hello Richard,

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Remote Control feature. I do not have the AirTurn DUO but I do have several AirTurn products including the PED two pedal version. These devices are basically BT keyboards with very limited keys.

    The BlueBoard is actually a MIDI device so they are using different messages. The Airturn should work as you describe.

    I have opened case to the design team to have a look at why it is not working. I have reproduced the problem.

    You can for more info.

    Richard Blythe
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    Thank you so much!! This particular feature is very important to me and the band. I’ll look forward to receiving a follow up saying that it has been fixed. Thanks again!!

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