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    I have a Guitar Instruction CD, Blues You Can Use, by John Ganape.
    I have imported it into iTunes on my Mac & allowed it to upload into iCloud. It is a *non-protected* AAC file.
    I downloaded it into iTunes on my iPad and it plays just fine.
    When I try to load it into Anytune, no error msg is generated, but when I try to play it, I get a message: This song is missing. It was originally imported from the iPod library. Please delete it or add it to this device again using iTunes.
    It is on this device! I look in iTunes, the song is there and the cloud icon is not next to the song, meaning it is downloaded onto this device.
    Why do I get this incorrect message?

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    It appears the song file location that Anytune has for the file is not correct.

    When a song is played in Anytune it creates creates a entry to store settings, marks and lyrics for that song. This entry includes the location of the song in your devices’ media library. Some how it appears this address is wrong,

    Delete song that will not play from the All Tunes folder.

    • Tap the Tunes Category Tunes Category
    • Then choose All Tunes Tunes
    • Swipe left on the song and Tap Delete.

    Now Play it directly from the Songs, Albums, …. category.

    This should reset Anytune’s Address for the song.

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    Wow! Fast response! Great support!
    I’ll try as soon as I get home!

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    That worked! Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful response!
    You rock!

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